dilluns, 26 de maig de 2014

7.- Unit 8: Happy Ending

This last year, things weren't going to well for me. I'd arrived to Australia and the airport staff had also lost my packs. I was so upset and scared at the same time. Then I got to my new residence in the University and my room partner was really rude and the room looked grouse so I spent a lot of time trying to change from my room.

Everything changed for me the day I saw a beautiful girl with blond hair and blue eyes. From that moment my world had changed, she was perfect. Then I started meeting her on the University cafeteria until the day of my life arrived. She asked me to be her boyfriend.

These months, I feel much happier. Being with her by my side had made me see that sometimes you are happier if you are positive. If I hadn't moved to Australia, I'd never met the woman of my life.

dilluns, 12 de maig de 2014

Pharrell Williams

You probably know Pharrell Williams thanks to the film Despicable Me 2. He wrote the music for the film and some of the songs were big hits.l In fact, Pharrell has been famous in the music industry for many years, even if he has only had one solo album, In My Mind (2006). Since then, he has written music for Madonna, Britney Spears, Shakira, Beyoncé, Daft Punk and more. now his second album in coming out. With the hit single "Happy" it's sure to be success!

Cool Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin was born to a poor family in London 125 Years ago, but he became a cinema icon. His character the Tramp is the most famous hero of the silent film era. The Tramp retired after the silent film Modern Times, in 1936. Watch it today - it's still very funny and very modern!

The Boat Race

Every year, members of England's top universities, Oxford and Cambridge, participate in this famous boat race on the River Thames. And 2014 is a special year: it's the 160th Boat Race. The tradition started in 1829: it's one of the oldest sporting events in the world.

dilluns, 5 de maig de 2014

6.- Writing unit 7

Writing unit 7: Write an opinion essay

The government plans to introduce a new law which will introduce school on Saturday mornings in order to improve the level of education. In my point of view, this would have some negative consequences.
In the first place, I believe that the weekends are for a reson: to relax. If the children and the teenagers have to go to school on Saturdays morning it’s possible that some of them don’t have time to do other things like, sports, or do our homeworks. So if this law is introduced, i’ve no doubt that a lot of them will have more difficulty to pass the exams and practise sports or haveing a relax moment ot the weekends. I also think that this would discriminate agianst the students that they’re getting good marks.

If the aim of the government is to lower the number of the students that don’t pass the exams, it seems to me that there is a better alternative: if they spend more money on more schools and teachers in the country would get better results.

2.- HONDA:

I have chosen the company Honda because I am interested in motorbikes and I have got a Honda motorbike.
Honda Motor Company is a Japanese multinational corporation primarily known as a manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles.
Honda has been the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer since 1959 and it produces more than 14 million engines each year.
Honda's founder, Soichiro Honda, was born on 1906 and died on 1991 and he was a mechanic. He tuned cars and entered them in races.

The first production automobile from Honda was the T360 and on 1991 they introduced the Honda NSX, a new supercar, the first all-aluminum vehicle that incorporated a mid-engine V6.

Honda is the largest motorcycle manufacturer in Japan and has been since it started production in 1955.
During the 60s, when it was a small manufacturer, Honda broke out of the Japanese motorcycle market and began exporting to the U.S.
One of the best motorcycles of Honda is the Honda SH 125 but there are a lot of different models, for example the SH 150, or the SH 300.
Honda started competing with motorcycle races in 1982, when Honda Racing Corporation was formed. The first victory of this team was on 1961, when Mike Hailwood won his first Grand Prix in the 125 and 250 cc classes.
In 1979, Honda returned to Grand Prix motorcycle racing with the motorcycle NR500 and on 1983 Honda won their first 500cc Grand Prix World Championship with Freddie Spencer. After that Honda was the dominant marque in motorcycle Grand Prix racing winning all the prices with riders like Mick Doohman and Valentino Rossi.
The last Grand Prix of Honda was won last year for Marc Marquez, who wins the 125 and 250cc too, and his partner, Dani Pedrosa ended second.

In conclusion Honda is a very successful company which is famous world wide.

My opinion about my clasmates:
Jordi: ford
it's interesting and the duration it's fine.

Júlia: Converse
She can improve her pronuntation and, in my opinion, it's quite sort.

Laia R: Mini cooper
In my opinion it's quite short. the pronuntation it's very good.

Elena M. Jack Wills
The pronuntation it's very good, and easy to understand, but in some moments it's quite fast.

Enric: Adidas
It's quite short but the information it's correct.

Blanca: Chanel
The presentation was quite fast and dificult to understand all the information.

Mireia N: victoria's Secret
It's very interesting and easy to understand.

Marta O: Swarovski
It's quite long but the information it's good.

Pau: Barça (FCB)
Very interesting.

Núria: Ugg's
The story it's interesting but quite short.

Esther: Converse:
Quite short and she wasn't looking at the front.

Marta T: Converse
Quite fast but the infomration it's correct.

Mònica: Vans
Quite long but so interesting and the pronuntation it's very good.

Pol: converse
Very interesting but quite short.

Mireia: Abercrombie and Fitch
The pronuntation i'ts quite good but not perfect.

dilluns, 31 de març de 2014

9.- My trip to Italy

Hi my name is Bernat and today I’m going to talk about Italy.
The first day we caught a bus and we went to the airport of Girona. There we took off at 6 a.m. We landed in the Galileo Galilei airport, in Pisa. There we visited the tower the cathedral and the baptistery. Some boys climbed up the tower, it was fantastic because it was so different than other towers and the viewers were fantastic too. The tower was the favourite for me. After that we had lunch in a small restaurant and we caught a bus. Finally we went to Florence.
On the second day we visited Florence. In the morning we visited the Art Gallery of the Ofizzi and the Academia In the afternoon we visited the Duomo We also bought some pasta and typical things on the shops. Again some people climbed up the Duomo, but this time I was tired and I didn’t climb the 465 steps of the Duomo.
On the third day we took a train to Rome. The train was excellent because it was so confortable and we could recharge our Mobil phones too. When we arrive in Rome we took a bus and we went to see the famous building called Santa Maria of Aracoeli. We visited the Pantheon of Rome too, but the most impressingwas when we climbed up one of the little mountains and we could see all Rome.
On the fourth day we took a bus again and we travelled for it more than 30 min, it was so hot and horrible because there were a lot of people. After that we arrived on the Vatican’s city, there we visited the museum of the Vatican the Saint Peter Square and the Sistine Chapel. That was enormous and very colourful. After that we had lunch in a small and old restaurant and after that we went to relax on the Saint Peter Square. At night we visited the Fountain of Trevi.
On the last day we visited the Coliseum and in the afternoon we caught the plane and we landed in Barcelona then we caught a bus. We arrive at 1 a.m at school. We were exhausted but this trip was fantastic because we had nice moments together and a lot of things that were fun too.